matrimonio in un castello in Puglia

Wine experience

A journey in the wine land

More than 3,000 olive trees and a 200-hectar vineyard surround the castle, in a wonderful scenario, lit by the sun. There, a tuff wine cellar treasures an infinite series of barrique and the nearby museum celebrates and tells the story of these grapevines.

This marvellous wine opportunity is fully exploited by Castello Monaci, organizing a special Wine Experience with wine makers and sommeliers who will take you through the vineyards secrets, the wine cellar’s special tools and the story displayed in the museum. The tours end with wine and typical foods tasting.

A journey through the wine making of Salento that you can experience inside the estate of Castello Monaci. The perfect solution for the wine tourists who want to deepen their knowledge of the world famous wines of Apulia.

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