matrimonio in un castello in Puglia


Six centuries of history and beauty

1500. In this century the story of Castello Monaci begins, as reported in a document of Salice Salentino land register. The castle took its name form the Basilian monks who used it as a place to worship, meditate and give refuge to those who need it.

Then, the noble families chose it as their own residence: from the Martino to the Parry Graniger, up to the Provenzano di Ugento, whose last heir, Mrs. Memmo, is the present castle’s owner.

Six centuries beautifully wore by this fortification, to which history brought many a threat – the last one being during the II World War – yet keeps its charm unaltered and still hedges historic and artistic pieces.

Italy, Apulia. Salento. Here, among the centuries-old olive trees and the ancient grapeyards, here the white stone of Castello Monaci rises up from the brown soil, with its great towers covered in ivy, the palm trees and green gardens.

A place from the past that hosts the future of the happiness a child lives at his first communion, of friends having fun, of a company sharing and setting its objectives or new projects. Or the future held in a young couples’ vows in the most beautiful day of their lives.

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